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Awards for the work you do every day. Recognition as the best in your profession. All are possible through Kansas Professional Communicators programs.

Communicator of Achievement


Go for the gold! Each year KPC selects a member as the Communicator of Achievement. It is our top honor bestowed for contributions to the communications industry. The winner is then eligible to compete at the national level. Gwen Larson of Americus, pictured at left with President Jenni Latzke, was our 2013 recipient at the conference in Manhattan..

The Kansas Professional Communicators board of directors will choose one nominee to present to NFPW. All nominees must be living members in good standing for at least two years in an affiliate and NFPW. If you need to check on a member's status, please e-mail

NFPW's judging criteria considers the following:

  • 60 percent of the judging is based on professional achievement. All nominees should have high professional qualifications and achievements in their areas of the communications field (for example, public relations, newspapers, magazines, advertising, freelance writing, editing, electronic media, or any field that has qualified the nominee for NFPW membership).

  • 20 percent of the judging is based on community service. Each nominee should have made some impact on the world beyond her or his profession — some contribution to humanity. That impact or contribution may be through the profession or beyond it.

  • 20 percent of the judging is based on NFPW and affiliate service. Each nominee should have made a definite and important contribution to her or his affiliate and to NFPW.

Download a nomination form

COA Chair: Cheryl Miller

Communications contest


Each year members and non-members enter their best work in KPC's annual Communications Contest that offers hundreds of categories for writing, public relations work, advertising, Web site development, electronic media, photography, books, research and much more.

Winners are recognized for their achievements at the awards banquet that caps KPC's annual spring conference. This year, that conference will be in Manhattan.

Here's more information from the National Federation of Press Women website: 

NFPW's 2018 Communications Contest is live!

The annual NFPW Communications Contest is now live! Click here to learn more.

A few reminders:

  1. Your body of work must have been published from Jan. 1, 2017, to Dec. 31, 2017.

  2. You will submit your entry or entries into the State Affiliate or At-Large Contest. If your entry receives first place, it will then be advanced to the National Level Contest.

  3. If you chose to have your entry or entries advance to the National Level Contest, please remember that you and all of your co-entrants MUST be NFPW and affiliate members.

Many affiliates allow non-members to enter their contests. However, the national level of the contest requires you to become a member of NFPW and the affiliate.

We are excited for this year's contest and to explore the wonderful bodies of work our members have published in 2017!

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